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Welcome to the District, one of the most iconic and well protected areas within the fifty. The political machine that drives the free and constitutional U.S. is based here. From the Executive branch which is located at the White House to the Judicial which is at the Supreme Court. You will find the inner working of a brilliant and complex government that works for you. Most of our residents work in the government field, when it comes to tourism we attract millions of people every year. We have museums, buildings of interest, national memorials, and plenty of great places to eat. We encourage you to find out what D.C. has to offer you.

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Library of Congress

Inside the largest library in the world, you can check out the Library of Congress' interactive elements, like the re-creation of Thomas Jefferson's library. Before you go, check the Library's calendar to see if you can catch one of the free lectures, concerts, exhibits and poetry readings that are held there regularly.

Parks and Recreation

The Washington D.C. offers many scenic parks and areas of interest. This website provided by allows you to find a recreational area, volunteer, apply for permits, view events, and get the latest news.

DC Employment DC Works

The best selection when it comes to job openings, create a résumé and apply for jobs. Explore job search tips and get assistance with writing résumé and cover letters. This service can provide excellent work related help, negotiating salaries and evaluating job offers guidance. Occupational safety, Veteran services, and training resources can also be found here.

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    The department of energy works closely with commercial and government contractors to develop an excellent, sustainable, clean way of producing and harnessing


    USA offers the public job boards, grants, loans, reosurces to claim money, government departments, answers, and

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  • DC DOT

    DC Dept. of Transportation offers drivers road conditions, live traffic news alerts, and resources that deal with everyday DC travel.

  • DOT US

    US Dept. of Transportation offers drivers road and highway news, national interstate projects, and resources that deal with everyday USA travel. Transportation

  • USA Job Board

    The USA Federal Government Job Board: All government jobs and openings, start your career today


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